2nd European Fullcontact Karate Cup 


Attention referees! Registration deadline June 1st

Referee Invitation

The referees for EFKO selection competition are invited in two groups. All accepted referees must take part in the referee seminar before the competition. In total we need about 45 referees.

  1. The four partner organizations who have signed the EFKO cooperation agreement (EKO, KWF, IFK and Ashihara) will each appoint six experienced referees. Deadline is June 1st. Name, contact information and an up to date referee CV must be sent to Michael Söderkvist (Michael.soderkvist@jgy.se) and Koen Spitaels (info@nijiyama.be). We ask each of the organizations to select referees from different countries so that we have a good and fair team of referees.
  2. Referees from other organizations participating in the championship can apply and be chosen according to experience and level. Deadline is June 1st. Name, contact information and an up to date CV must be sent to Michael Söderkvist (Michael.soderkvist@jgy.se) and Koen Spitaels (info@nijiyama.be). Decision on which of those referees will be selected will be made no later than June 31st.


Referee Seminar


Referees are required to join a mandatory referee seminar which will be held on November 22nd from 10:00h till 18:00h. Only referees selected by the referee committee are invited. If you do not attend this seminar, you can’t participate as judge or referee. All registered referees and judges will get a detailed schedule and other relevant information. Referees will get an EFKO referee shirt and a nice present. They also have free entrance to the sayonara party and lunches during the tournament. For all participating referees there will be an online meeting in August or September.

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Special guests at the tournament

Honored guests,

As the preparations for the tournament are being made we are very proud to announce the presence of the president of the WFKO, Shihan Midori Kenji. The WFKO secretary Shihan Yasukazu Koi and three times WKO world champion Shihan Tsukamoto Norichika. From EKO, Shihan Remigiusz Karpinski. From EFKO, Shihan Koen Scharrenberg. From KWF, Shihan Antonio Piñero. From IFK, Shihan David Pickthall. From Ashihara, Shihan Nicu Dascalu and Shihan Kim Andersen. From KWU, Shihan Semmy Schilt. Sensei Jonathan Tineo and more…

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