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The EFKO is an open umbrella organisation where everybody related to Fullcontact Karate is welcome to join in tournaments and camps.
In 2022 we made an “Agreement of Cooperation with 4 Fullcontact karate organisations: WKO, IFK, WKF and Ashihara.
With this agreement, we want to establish your cooperation for the future. The European Fullcontact Karate Organisation is not an organisation but a movement that aims to unite all Fullcontact Karateka’s to continue the legacy and budo values of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama. Everyone, without an exception is welcome to support the movement and to participate in the activities from the EFKO. The cooperation consists of two main activities: organising a uniform European Championship and holding an annual EFKO camp where we can live our passion and bond of friendship.
We promise to work together in a transparent way and with respect for each other. Also we promise to support each other tournaments and activities where possible .Our slogan for unification is …

“Together we are better”


If you are interested in taking part in this agreement of cooperation please contact Koen Spitaels Shihan for further information.



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